Quack Quack!

I celebrated this year’s incredible Red Sox season with my Dad and two million of our fellow Sox fans at the Rolling Rally.  Spirits were high and the weather was perfect.  It was a much needed party in the City of Boston after the year we have had!  My Dad and I scoped out a spot on Cambridge Street towards the end of the parade where we saw Ortiz climb down from the flatbed he was riding in to jump in a Duck for the amphibious part of the trip!  We were lucky enough to catch Ortiz again unexpectedly on our walk back as we spotted the Ducks returning to Fenway as they whizzed past MIT.  When Ortiz saw the Collier jersey the MIT officers had out he nodded and touched his hand to his heart-just one of many special moments along the route.

Some of the prettiest were the views of the Ducks swimming along from on top of the Longfellow Bridge and the Cambridgeside banks of the River Charles.

I’d love to say Ortiz was pointing me out but at this point I was standing next to a little boy with a Red Sox bat twice his size :-)

Is it time for Spring Training yet??

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