Monthly archives:March 2014

  • Portrait Party

  • I recently wrapped up my Portraiture class at NESOP with the talented Laura Pineda of Alternate Angles.  We learned all kinds of great lighting and posing techniques to help take our portraits to the next level. Throughout the course,  NESOP would arrange for models to work with us in the stu[...]
  • Low Key Lashes

  • We recently learned low key lighting in the Portraiture class at NESOP.  It is a lot darker and moodier than the bright and cheerful high key lighting we had set up previously.  I was worried low key was going to be too shadowy and serious but along with the help of my dad, my awesome models and I w[...]
  • Studio Fun!

  • I am currently taking a portraiture class at NESOP with my father where we are learning different lighting techniques in the studio.  The Snow Family was kind enough to help us practice our high key lighting set-up. We had a lot of fun with fans, props, tunes and even a little dancing.  I cou[...]