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  • Boston in Bloom

  • I look forward to the tulips blooming in the Boston Public Garden every year!  They are only there for a few short weeks so I try to snap as many pictures as I can while they last. How could their bright colors not put a smile on your face! Especially after the winter we had, these flo[...]
  • April Showers

  • April saw its fair share of showers but I am happy to report there are some May flowers starting to pop up around town!  Along with petal peeping, I have been doing some Paris planning (!), dancing at the Chromeo show and paid a visit to the nearby graffiti wall to check out some cool new art.  I'm [...]
  • Easter Bunnies

  • Originally, we planned to have this Eastery shoot outdoors with a gazebo and pretty spring flowers.  Mother Nature wasn't down with that plan so we made a last minute decision to shoot inside where it was nice and dry.  The twins are total professionals so it didn't knock them off their game at all.[...]